22 9 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak Understanding the meaning of Feminism

Great campaign! No need for further explanation.

15 9 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak Türkçe karşılığı olmayan kelime: Procrastination

“Bugünün işini yarına bırakma.” demiş atalarımız. Procrastination da tam bu yarına bırakma eylemini tanımlayan kelime. Türkçeye erteleme gibi çevrilebilir; ama procrastination çok daha fazla anlam çağrıştırıyor. Genellikle yapmanız gereken ve üşendiğiniz bir iş olduğunda, o işi yapmak için masaya oturup “Dur bi odayı toplayayim.”, “Bir bölüm dizi izleyip başalayacağım.”, “Önce yemek yiyeyim,…

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08 9 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak Sleep your way to the top

In her TED talk Arianna Huffington points out the importance of sleep. She says to bring out our big ideas we need more of a very simple thing: sleep, and women should lead the way in this reform. Huffington advices women to literally sleep their way to the top :)

It is common knowledge that adults need 7-8 hours of sleep a day. But if you’re working at least 12 hours a day (maybe longer – lets…

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06 9 / 2014

After the previous post I’ve done some thinking, is it really important for a girl to be aspirational?
In the lower levels of business the ratio of women employees to men is nearly 1. Around same number of people in both genders start their careers but fewer women reach to the top compared to men.
There might be many reasons behind this trend but thats exactly why we need a recipe for raising an…

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30 8 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak Recipe for an aspirational women #HowtoDad @cheerios

Families form who we are. The environment we were raised in moulds our personalities, beliefs and our understanding of whats is normal.

So the study in Psychological Science journal did not surprise me at all. According to TIME’s article , the study shows that fathers who help with the housework raise daughters with broader career goals.

I don’t know the theory or research behind the study’s…

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25 8 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak “Talk Like TED” (3/3): All we need is Courage @carminegallo

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.              Albert Einstein.

The 3rd and last part of “Talk Like TED” is called memorable. Through following the first 6 secrets you’ve reached your listener’s hearts and brains, now it’s time to understand how to stay there. Gallo shows us that courage is all we need to be remembered. You need to be bold, offer a different…

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19 8 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak “Talk Like TED” (2/3): We are all natural explorers @carminegallo

novel :  özgün, alışılmamış

2. part is of “Talk Like TED” is called Novel. To touch people’s minds you need something novel, something new or unique; you need to grab their attention and keep it until your talk is over.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 20.14.06

3 secrets of being novel are as follows:

4. Teach Something New

Gallo explains that we are addicted to learning and for your audience to get hooked you need to present new…

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11 8 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak “Talk Like TED” (1/3) : Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century @carminegallo

The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.

George Jessel

Boring self-improvement books are everywhere. Thankfully this one is not one of them. “Talk like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds”by Carmine Gallo is full of practical tips and examples from TED. In addition to acquiring information about public…

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24 7 / 2014

#5mincoffeebreak “Room for the unplanned” - find an inspiration beyond imagination

You’re always asked about your future plans? What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your plans with your significant other? 

The need to plan is always emphasised. And if you are a perfectionist trying to be the best version of yourself, you become a scheduling freak (Söz meclisten dışarı). In Captital Turkey July’14 a successful women of 30 super…

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21 7 / 2014

Yeniden düşün: Küreselleşen dünyada sınırlarımızın yeri ve önemi #5mincoffeebreak

Capital dergisinin bu ayki (temmuz’14) sayısında Sam Palmisano yer alıyor. Benim gibi daha önceden tanımayanlar için Palmisano 2003-2011 yılları arasında IBM’de CEO olarak görev yaptı, 2012’de emekli olarak “Center for the Global Enterprise” adında bir think thank kurdu ve 2013 yılında da e-kitabı “Re-think: A Path to the Future” yayımlandı. Kitapta IBM’deki başarısını sağlayan değişimleri…

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